apiculus® XaaS Engine

The apiculus® XaaS Engine (aXE) enables service providers to set up an anything as a service marketplace of SaaS, PaaS and other value-added services to address a wide variety of their customers’ IT and engineering use cases.
xaas anything as a service cloudstack


Varying Levels and Types of Integrations

From a product listing/lead capture to provisioning automation and deep service integration, aXE supports any software resource to be integrated and monetised from the apiculus® Marketplace.

Best-of-both-worlds Handshakes

aXE lets users perform the most common operations without having to leave the apiculus® CloudConsole. For advanced actions and configurations, aXE gives a token-based one-click entry to the ISV console.

A Single Pane of Glass for Usage Monitoring and Billing

View XaaS subscriptions, resources and usage in a single unified invoice and manage payments at a single touchpoint.

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Address Your Customers’ IT and Engineering Needs

With the most common use cases supported out of the box, with aXE, you can easily extend the range of use cases to address by bringing in more integrations and tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an aXE catalogue?

We are building an extensive catalogue of apps and services. We currently support monitoring, DNS management, backup, autoscale and container management software.

Can I bring my own software?

Absolutely. aXE is engineered to support your own applications, 3rd party aps or even legacy software.

How do aXE revenues work?

If you’re using apps from the aXE catalogue, you can price it any way you please and all the revenues go to you. If you’re bringing your own app, you’ll need to sign up as a marketplace partner and we’ll set up the integration for you.

How is billing handled?

Billing to the end-customer is handled as per standard SaaS pricing levers. You may wish to charge a flat fee or on usage across volume, entities, seats or any other equivalent parameters.

Can existing SaaS accounts be linked?

If you wish to ‘import’ users from pre-existing SaaS/XaaS contracts into apiculus®, those will have to be handled manually, just like any other migration.

What technical operations are supported?

aXE supports varying levels of integration and operations. Depending on the speed to market or any other commercial constraint, an integration can support lead capture, provisioning, basic service management, or act as a complete wrapper.

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