May 21
white labelled cloud platform

Apiculus, a white-label solution – beyond branding

Specially tailored to suit a service provider’s requirements, white labelling on apiculus consists of a completely rebrand-able solution. With apiculus, you can customize and add your preferred colour palettes, icon sets and tweak the product with their unique business marks without having to develop and maintain it themselves. This essentially enables service providers to re-brand the product and use it as their own.

Beyond Branding

Beyond logo, font, icons, banner, favicons, theme etc. apiculus offers a lot more white-labelling options. For cloud service providers, white-labelling is now extended not only to meet the organizational requirements but also national localisation needs, regulations and compliances too.


The localisation options can be extended to currencies, sub-units and also the numbering system. All currencies with 1, 10, 100 or 1000 – base denominations can be configured using the localisation system. Additionally, the numbering system, decimal nomenclature, thousand and Vedic numbering are supported.

Taxation and invoicing information

While taxation logic was always in-built, apiculus now extends this to support multiple taxation IDs for subscribers to meet basic tax compliance and documentation requirements. Additionally, tax categories can also be defined, which handles tax exemptions based on special categories, for embassies and for subscribers operating from special economic zones.


This has also been extended to the invoicing system, which allows for highly detailed customisations on invoice templates, that take care of organisational, national and other regulatory information requirements.

Know your customer

Identity documents uploaded by subscribers can now be used to verify subscriber accounts for the KYC process. These uploaded documents can be approved or rejected and accounts can be marked as verified.

White labelling allows you to simply unpack the solution and use it as your own. You get a ready product which is customised as per your brand requirements, local regulations and local market trends.

You can register for our 15-days trial of apiculus here. If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions, You can contact us here and our cloud experts will be happy to assist you!

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