Start Small, Go Large with apiculus® Pricing Plans

Simple pay-as-you-grow pricing to keep your public cloud business management platform costs predictable and under control


  • Complete apiculus suite
  • All marketplace integrations
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
  • Standard support

Our pricing is based on the cloud capacity that you’re managing. For each physical core in your setup, we charge an all-inclusive monthly apiculus® service fee.

The minimum capacity that we plan takes into account the size of the cloud you wish to operate. We do recommend a minimum cloud size of 100 physical cores but that can always be worked out.

We monitor the capacity and utilisation on all apiculus® deployments and consistently communicate the status with you. If the capacity were to be overrun, then all you need to do is to add more physical hosts and apiculus will just continue seamlessly.

Standard support includes 24 x 7 L4 support for apiculus (billing, marketplace, operations, marketing) and excludes any other underlying component(s) from the SLA. Premium support also includes L2/L3 support for all included components, L4 support for Cloudstack as well as a best-effort L4 support for 3rd party components.

We charge a one-time setup fee that depends on the level of customisation needed to align to your workflows.

Yes, we have a partner programme, which you can find more about by getting in touch with us.

Absolutely. The apiculus® marketplace is designed to work with your own or 3rd party integrations. Bringing your own software integrations (that are not part of the apiculus® catalogue) will require you to sign a marketplace agreement.

Yes. However, we’ll need to plan a session with our integrations team to work out the logistics.

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