apiculus® Multi Cloud Management

apiculus® Multi-Cloud Management Platform turns your public cloud service into a complete multi-cloud monetisation platform and enables users to manage AWS, Azure and Google Cloud workloads by bringing in billing, technical and support operations into a single pane of glass.

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Singe Pane of Glass for Multicloud Billing

View multicloud subscriptions, resources and usage in a single unified invoice and manage payments at a single touchpoint.

Handle Traditional as well as Modern Cloud-native Workloads

Enable your customers to manage workloads spanning your Cloudstack-powered cloud, public clouds, private cloud offerings as well as containerised platforms.

Multicloud Management and CloudOps from apiculus

Use apiculus®’s multi-tenancy and business wrappers manage multicloud operations from within apiculus®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to enable multicloud?

As a service provider, you need to have your agreements in place with Google, Amazon and/or Microsoft. This will make you a biller in their records and enable you to resell GCP, AWS and/or Azure resources.

Will you help me set up partnerships?

We’re happy to introduce you to the respective partner managers in your country, subject to our familiarity with your region. We, however, recommend that these relationships should be initiated from your end for best results.

How does multicloud billing work?

Billing for partner clouds works at two levels. Your customers will pay for the resources they use and will be billed as per actuals. Additionally, you may also want to charge your customers an optional service subscription fee.

How do I manage reseller commissions?

apiculus® does not support commissions management at this moment. You may, however, view actual service-specific billing reports on apiculus®, download them as .csv files, and manually calculate reseller revenues.

How are existing accounts linked?

Account linking typically involves manual verifications. On apiculus®, your customers will provide their Google, Amazon and/or Microsoft cloud account details, following which, there’ll be a three-way verification between the customer, the public cloud and you as the service provider. Once done, your customer will be able to use multicloud features on apiculus.

What technical operations are supported?

Currently, apiculus® supports instance listing and quick actions. We’re working on bringing support for other resource types as well as provisioning from apiculus®.

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