apiculus® Kubernetes Service

aKS is a Kubernetes-driven, fully automated ClusterOps service for service provider clouds. aKS allows apiculus® cloud users to seamlessly deploy Kubernetes clusters for running containerised cloud-native workloads.
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Lightweight, CNCF Compliant, Cloud-native

Spin up Kubernetes clusters in under 5 minutes with all the ingress and master-worker configurations applied and served on a platter.

All Cluster Details in a Single Pane of Glass

View workloads, ingress, volumes and monitor utilisation on all the clusters managed by aKS.

Coming Soon

The Goodness of Rancher, Built Right into apiculus

Advanced cluster monitoring, management and support for running popular tools and apps for Kubernetes using our powerful three-way between apiculus®, Cloudstack and Rancher.

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Bring Your Own Cloud and Manage Clusters Across

Set up multiple clusters across multiple clouds or one cluster spanning multiple clouds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kubernetes version is this?

apiculus® Kubernetes Service is built on top of K3s, a Kubernetes distribution that is being spearheaded by Rancher itself. K3s is fully functional, super lightweight and CNCF-compliant.

Why K3s and not K8s?

K3s packs all the goodness of standard Kubernetes orchestration, minus the unwanted bloat. Moreover, K3s is being developed by Rancher, who is the global leader in container technology.

How does aKS billing work?

Billing for apiculus® Kubernetes Service works at three levels. For each cluster that is spun up, there is an hourly cluster management charge (we recommend $0.05/cluster/hour) and individual hourly charges for each node or component that goes in the cluster. Additionally, you may also choose to charge a monthly Kubernetes Service subscription optionally.

Can cluster nodes be charged monthly?

We recommend charging cluster nodes and other components hourly. apiculus, however, supports monthly billing as well for the nodes and networking.

What Rancher features are supported?

apiculus® Kubernetes Service can be extended into Rancher for advanced cluster management, monitoring, and most importantly, to access Rancher’s private catalogues for installing apps and tools.

Do you support multi-master clusters?

We’re working on it as you read this answer 🙂

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