Cloud Operations Management, End-to-End

apiculus® handles cloud customer lifecycle management perfectly & lets you automate the complete customer journey from onboarding, provisioning & purchases, service management and support operations

cloudstack operations management

DIY and DIFM Operations

Set up do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me processes for signup and onboarding, provisioning and purchases, and the entire service operations gamut.
cloud operations management
cloud Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management

View complete customer profile, subscription and activity records and engage at all the pre-sales, sales and post-sales touchpoints with your customers.

Monitoring and Support Operations

Manage your service level agreements and execute support workflows with apiculus®’s operations management suite.
cloud inventory management

Inventory Management

Create and manage Cloudstack offerings as plans and set up custom catalogues to deploy on the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud customer lifecycle management?

Cloud customer lifecycle management refers to the end-to-end management of various engagement touchpoints for customers of a public (or private) cloud. These include account creation, onboarding and education, support engagement, operations management, payment capture, and manual or automated account state management.

What is cloud ops management or cloud operations management?

Cloud operations management refer to all available operational functions that are available for a specific product or service. In life cycle terms, these can be referred to as Day 0 (provisioning and configurations), Day 1 (daily operations) and Day 2 (troubleshooting, modifications and deprovisioning) tasks.

What all integrations are used for cloud monitoring and resource management?

Cloud monitoring on apiculus is powered by Zabbix, which is a powerful and highly popular open-source tool that can fully monitor (reactively and proactively) physical and virtual infrastructures.

What all functions can be automated under automatic provisioning?

Automated provisioning will automate functions like subscription creation, metering initiation and the creation of the actual resource on the underlying system.

Is datacenter monitoring possible with Apiculus Operations engine?

Data centre monitoring is available as a custom integration with apiculus.

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