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End-to- end public cloud management features

apiculus is a complete business suite for public cloud providers, that packs features for billing, marketplace, operations, marketing and more.


A Unified Approach to set up and manage subscription billing track all usage, purchases, subscriptions and automated policies against.

A Unified Approach to Service Balance

Metering, Rating and Mediation

Invoicing, Payments and Transactions

Dunning and Policy Engine


Set up a complete subscription-based cloud marketplace for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and other value-added services.

Multi-cloud, Multi-service

Multi-dimensional Catalogues

Automation and Operations

Reporting and Intelligence



Automate the complete customer journey from onboarding, provisioning & purchases, service management and support operations

DIY and DIFM Operations

Customer Lifecycle Management

Monitoring and Support Operations

Inventory Management


Create cross-sell and upsell opportunities with our in-built powerful marketing and business enablement features

Your Brand First

Promotions, Vouchers and Trials

Instant Discounting

Extend to Your Mar-tech Stack


Monetise Anything-as-a-Service

With apiculus extensions you can extend your Cloudstack-powered cloud into a powerful marketplace of anything as a service value-added offering to cover a range of IT and engineering use cases.


Manage AWS, Azure and Google Cloud workloads from a single pane of glass!


Automatically scale-out and scale-in resources based on event and parameter triggers or predetermined schedules.


Turn Cloudstack into a ClusterOps suite and seamlessly deploy Kubernetes clusters for running containerised cloud-native workloads.


Set up an anything-as-a-service (XaaS) marketplace of SaaS, PaaS and other value-added services.


Multitude of possibilities

Grow your cloud business multi-folds with a comprehensive set of features in a single CMP

Automated provisioning

Simplify cloud operations for your customer & your IT teams.

Subscription billing & invoicing

Provide your customers with an interruption-free cloud buying experience.

IaaS, Paas, Saas & Xaas marketplace

Capture the entire customer experience journey on a single platform.

Custom catalogues

Tailor the best buying experience for your enterprise customers.

Integrated support & ticketing

Build better customer relationships & credibility by offering prompt support.

Discounts & vouchers

Adding more to easy customer acquisition

SMS, PG, Email & 2FA

Add more layers of security with SMS, PG, Email and 2-FA.

Dashboards & reports

Stay on top of your cloud business. Maintain a clean MIS for your cloud biz.

Reseller enablement module

Sell and monetise your own, 3rd party, or multi-cloud services and resources from a unified marketplace.

Marketing stack integration

Present your brand face to your customers.

Cloud brokerage

Enable users to manage AWS, Azure and Google Cloud workloads by bringing in billing, technical and support operations into a single pane of glass.


You’re in good company

Trusted by leading telcos and ISPs globally
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With a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, you can keep the costs predictable and under control.

Apiculus pricing starts at as low as $599/month.

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Apiculus is an all-in-one platform that fully automates cloud monetisation and infrastructure management for clouds powered by Apache Cloudstack.

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