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apiculus® Billing enables regional and domestic service providers to set up and manage subscription billing and monetise an anything as a service (XaaS) cloud
cloudstack billing platform anything as a service

A Unified Approach to Service Balance

Capture the best of both worlds – a spend-based wallet and a risk-based credit limit – to bring a single and simplified number to track all usage, purchases, subscriptions and automated policies against.

Metering, Rating and Mediation

Configure billing cycles, usage tracking periods, entitlements and quotas to set up subscription models on any digital resource you wish to monetise.

Invoicing, Payments and Transactions

Generate invoices and billing statements and manage all transactions towards subscriber accounts manually or using integrated payment capture solutions.

Dunning and Policy Engine

Set up global and account-level suspension, restriction and termination policies based on delayed invoices, dwindling service balances or approaching credit limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud billing platform?

A cloud billing platform is one that adds the required monetisation layers to a cloud service built on open source or commercial technologies. A cloud billing platform should have capabilities of automated IaaS resource provisioning, subscription record creation, rating and mediation, invoice generation, and payment capture mechanisms.

How does subscription billing work for cloud?

Cloud is largely a subscription-based service. Most cloud resources are available in a pay-as-you-use model. Hence, subscription billing for clouds works by adding a monetary layer on top of any hardware or virtual resource pool that you wish to monetise.

What all resources can be billed using apiculus?

Our CloudStack billing management platform, apiculus, can bill anything as a service. All IaaS resources orchestrated by Apache CloudStack like virtual machines, IP addresses, virtual routers and disks can be billed using apiculus.

Is it possible to customise invoice templates to comply with different tax laws?

Yes. Invoices generated on apiculus are customised to meet organisational and national compliance requirements around display of financial and tax information.

Is it possible to run billing & invoicing in 2 different currencies?

No. There can be multiple currencies configured on the system for information display to the subscribers, but billing will happen only in the primary currency.

Is it possible to integrate apiculus with an existing billing software or accounting software?

Yes. The apiculus CloudStack billing platform can send rated data feeds to any other billing system in the .csv or .xml formats, or directly via API.

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