apiculus® Autoscale Pack

The apiculus® Autoscale Pack brings powerful pure cloud-native autoscale and scheduling capabilities, and scalable monetisation opportunities to service providers in edge and regional markets
autoscale cloudstack


Rules Based on If-this-then-that Logic

Create autoscale groups with triggers and actions to define what to listen to and what action to perform.

Time-based and Event-based Provisioning Workflows

Set up scheduled workflows for known or predictable workloads; or create rules based on parameter breach events.

Instant and Delayed Triggering Options

Configure multiple triggers, each having its own set of one or more instances, parameter to listen to, breach threshold and reading window.

Instance Replication with Everything Intact

Define replication actions to exactly clone the base instance with the correct templates and load balancers applied.

Easily Configurable as a Reporting and Alerting Engine

Use the autoscale extension as a reporting system to send out scheduled reports, or as an alerting system to send alerts when a parameter is approaching breach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are both types of scaling supported?

The apiculus® Autoscale Pack supports automatic scale-out and scale-in (horizontal). We do not support automated scale-up and scale-down (vertical) currently, but we’re working on a one-size-fits-all solution that covers the most popular operating systems and hypervisors for carrying out a vertical autoscale.

Can application stacks be replicated?

No. Autoscale only automates instance cloning and replication in terms of ‘outside’ configurations, namely, the template to apply and the load balancers to add to. For any advanced app/stack deployments, it is standard practice to use an automation tool in conjunction with the apiculus® Autoscale Pack.

How does Autoscale billing work?

Billing for the apiculus® Autoscale Pack works at two levels. Your customers will pay for the resources they use and will be billed as per actuals. Additionally, you may also want to charge your customers an optional autoscale service subscription fee.

How are underlying resources handled?

Any instance spun up as part of an autoscale group will be billed on hourly usage. In terms of instance management, the apiculus® Autoscale Pack follows a LIFO pattern, which means the last instance to be cloned on scale-out will be the first one to get deleted on scale-in.

Does Autoscale work on a flat network?

Since flat (or elastic) networks are put behind load balancers that are not under the users’ control, the apiculus® Autoscale Pack, therefore, supports only tiered VPC networks.

How is this different from the orchestrator’s features?

The apiculus® Autoscale Pack brings in multiple monetisation levers, which the native autoscale features on orchestrators don’t bring to the table. It also works without the need to configure additional devices or components. Lastly, the apiculus® Autoscale Pack is designed to work in a multicloud setup.

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